Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Dog-Lovers

At D Pet Hotels, our exceptional staff embodies a genuine passion for dogs, ensuring that each furry guest receives the love, care, and compassion they deserve. We treat every dog as if they were our own, providing a safe, nurturing environment where tails wag and hearts are full. Our team is dedicated to exceeding every expectation, going above and beyond to make every stay a tail-wagging delight. Get to know the faces behind the affectionate cuddles and playful romps, as we strive to make your dog’s experience truly extraordinary.


Yoga instructor and nature lover who survived a brain aneurysm. Finds joy in camping with her partner and dogs, embracing life’s precious moments.


“It is so fulfilling to guide my staff to a successful future and see the business grow and evolve!”


Disciplined U.S. Marine veteran with a passion for globe-trotting. Embraces each day with vigor, rising at 3:00 AM to seize new adventures.

General Manager

“It is extremely rewarding to lead such an incredible team of passionate and driven team members!”


Science grad with a knack for misadventures on vacation. Despite the bumps and bruises, she finds solace in overcast skies and pursues knowledge fearlessly.

Assistant Manager

“My favorite aspect of the job would be creating a family environment for customers as well as our furry friends!”


Globetrotting marketing grad who’s lived in 3 countries. Once fluent in 4 languages, now she’s mastered the art of whistling. A unique blend of skills and experiences.

Assistant Manager

“I most enjoy building relationships with our clientele and providing a positive service experience!”


Passionate reptile enthusiast with 10+ scaly friends. Despite 7 surgeries on her right arm, she’s dedicated 6 years to the pet industry, inspiring others with her resilience.

Assistant Manager

“I am most motivated by working with the dogs to provide a safe & fun environment to socialize with others!”


Hawaiian pre-school teacher and equestrian who brings joy to tiny tots. When not in the saddle, this Simpsons fanatic is always ready with the perfect quote.

Assistant Manager

“I love how every day is a new experience and opportunity to problem solve!”


Canine lifesaver and music lover, this identical twin has met her favorite band twice. With CPR skills and a passion for pups, she’s always ready for an adventure.

Concierge/Lead Handler

“I enjoy D Pet because I feel supported by my coworkers and get to hang with all kinds of different pups!”


ASU student unraveling mysteries through forensic science. When not in the lab, she’s expressing herself through the melodic strums of her guitar.

Concierge/Lead Handler

“I love the uplifting work atmosphere and the joy of spending time with our furry companions.!”


Adopted from India, this MARVEL fanatic’s life has been a superhero-worthy tale. She narrowly escaped death at sea, proving her resilience knows no bounds.


“I find building strong bonds with long term clients to be the most rewarding aspect of my job!”


With 30+ years of grooming expertise, she finds joy in crafting beautiful cakes. Despite a metal allergy, this jewelry lover adorns herself with spirit and style.


“Grooming is my passion because it allows me to manifest my creative visions!”